how to RELAX
{when you have a BUSY week ahead}



Try some of these simple relaxation tips below this weekend and you may just have a less stressful working week…

1. Focus on positive thoughts. It’s impossible to stop worrying entirely, but try to keep it to what’s called productive worry—ie. things you can control, like meeting deadlines or pleasing a boss.

2. Sweat off the stress. In other words, hit the treadmill. Working out boosts your ability to withstand emotional anxiety.

3. Do one thing that makes you happy every day. It can be meeting a friend for lunch, practicing yoga, or reading a book—the benefits will rebound for the rest of the day.

4. Clean up your clutter. Piles of papers or a messy house are sources of stress we don’t even notice.

5. Unplug all the technology {when you don’t really need it}. Mobile phones, email, Facebook, and Twitter have become a huge source of anxiety because we are constantly available. Set hours when you’re not reachable—and stick to them like you would a work schedule.

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  • Nikki! This list is what I need. I might find my little solution for each point and make it a priority.

    I have been writing a post today {for my blog} of ways to reduce stress.

    I think having a clean home is a big one. With this wet weather our house has got a bit icky. Not too messy, but the laundry piled up and the floors didn’t get vacuumed. I feel all cluttered in my head so need to get on top of that before it gets on top of me.

    Anyways… thanks for the gentle nudge and reminder. xx

  • I really need to work on number 5. I really like the blog posts – straight to the point