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about her new fashion label ALL THE WILD ROSES
– designed For The Dreamers & Bohemian Spirit

Once in a while a fashion label comes along that is about more than just its designs. All The Wild Roses is one of those labels. The brand founded by Australian Designer Hang Osment-Le after a life-changing trip to her native Vietnam at 19 years old, where she met her extended family for the first time. “After seeing the lack of opportunity and the basic living conditions that existed in developing countries like Vietnam, I dreamt of one day doing something that would make a difference.”
So after a 10-year career in corporate finance, she ventured into a personal philanthropic project to create the brand “All The Wild Roses” with aspiration to open opportunities to women in her extended family & their community that were already working as seamstresses.
“I always loved fashion & obsessed with 70’s bohemian style, having grown up in Newtown & Surry Hills Sydney, shopping in vintage and thrift stores was a daily ritual. So when we started, our inexperienced team started re-making timeless vintage styles as a means of learning the art of creating beautiful designs. From being barely able to produce T-shirts, they are now skilled in producing designs with artisanal details and delicate hand touch elements”
all the wild roses
The brand is known for effortless bohemian vibe, vintage inspired detailing, custom prints, & timeless silhouettes… and beyond this, the brand continues its founding philanthropic philosophy, establishing the “Dare to Dream Project” in partnership with their giving partners Opportunity Australia Org. With each sale, the brand contributes to providing micro-loans to women in underprivileged communities to pursue their dreams.
“Through the experience of building our business & brand, I found that there is something very magical that happens when women are able to pursue their hopes and dreams. That, no matter what part of the world we come from, there is an innate spirit that is so determined and courageous within all of us.”
So when it came to finding a name for the label, I wanted something that encapsulated this spirit – ‘The Wild Rose’, is the true wild flower, known for its beauty and resilience, it is found growing freely in the most unexpected places. To me this represents everything that inspires us in our woman; she is wild at heart, free spirited & has courage to go her own way to pursue her dreams.”
Read more of this story at www.allthewildroses.com – and scroll below to see some of our fave designs and read our bM interview with the v-inpiring Hang…
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You, in three words? Dreamer, Free-spirited & Optimistic
What inspires you? So many things! But most of all people, culture and travel.
what’s your work title? Chief Dreamer! I don’t really believe in titles, at the moment I am pretty much doing a little bit of everything to grow my little dream.
What was your first ever job? Check-out-chick at a Fruit Shop, kind of my dream job as I am such a fruit bat.
What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? I wanted to be a dance choreographer. I just loved music/dancing. When I was little, I never had the opportunity to have dancing lessons, so I just taught myself by dancing in front of TV to anything from talent shows to music videos. Every time I think of this it makes me laugh! lol…Dancing still is one of my fav things to do, that hasn’t changed!
How did All The Wild Roses’ come about? It was after life-changing trip to my native Vietnam at 19 years old. After seeing the basic living conditions and the lack of opportunity in a developing country like Vietnam, I was so moved & decided that one day I would do something to make a difference. That someday came when I launched our brand ‘All The Wild Roses’. But there is so much more to the story…
Explain your usual day? I don’t think I have a usual day, having my hand in all aspect of the business, every day is so different, but most of all I decide what is priority so it varies day to day and I like it like that, keeps it creative.
What ‘makes your day’? Connecting with people & customers that we can see we have made a difference to their day/life.
Who’s your fashion icon? Well having grown up in Newtown and Surry Hills Sydney, I just love vintage inspired style, particularly 70’s bohemian style. So most of my fashion icons come from that era – Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, Charlotte Rampling, Lauren Hutton, but I also love Kate Moss, Alexa Chung & Helena Christensen, they all have amazing vintage inspired styles that are also influenced by 70’s style icons.
How would you describe your style? Effortless bohemian, I just think you look best when you are just free, natural & effortless.
Three products you can’t live without? Body butter, BB cream & Lip Gloss.
4 fave songs on your iPod? That is so hard, it changes depending on the day/mood. I have such diverse music taste anything from R&B, Rap to all time favs like ‘Go Your Own Way’ Fleetwood Mac, ‘Fields of Gold’ STING, ‘Moondance’ Van Morrison – just depends on my mood. At the moment loving Adele ‘Hello’ like everyone else, she is just a legend that voice!
What will you be doing 5 years time? Growing All The Wild Roses, to be the premier online destination for fashion brands that have “Style with Impact”. I think we are all looking to make a difference by the actions we take everyday, so we want to make it easier for people to do this with their fashion choices, without sacrificing their style and identity.
Visit www.allthewildroses.com.au to see the entire range and buy online
+ follow them socially @all_the_wild_roses


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