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about her personal experience with breast cancer. “It’s raw, it’s real and it may not be your cup of tea. You may know someone with cancer or have experienced it first hand – if so read, ignore or feel free to forward it on,” – Pina.

IMG_6114 copyGetting my long curly wild black hair shaved off was my way of trying to assume control over a situation that was frankly pretty f#%$@* up.

This whole mess of a breast cancer diagnosis was like a kick in the privates, although for me, more like a kick in the tit. So by taking the higher ground and basically getting in there first {with the hair clippers} before it started to fall out in clumps, was my way of assuming control. I booked the appointment. I was determined to tackle this hair loss thing head first, with no hesitations. I was getting myself physically and mentally ready for the next six months of chemotherapy.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’ve had some personal experience with breast cancer or know someone who has. I just want to share some of my experiences, feelings and thoughts that have been on my mind. You may be able to relate to some of it, other times you might think I’m completely bonkers. Breast Cancer sucks but sometimes other parts of life may seem to suck even harder!

After having a biopsy in November of 2014 I had no idea what lay ahead of me, I was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant tumor in my left breast.

FullSizeRender-7Admittedly I hadn’t been sleeping well since I found that little pea sized lump just under my nipple. For some reason my boob was hurting, and I mean real aches and sharp stabbing pains, this pain is apparently pretty rare.

So I did what I thought was the right thing to do and went to my GP for a check up. I joked with my husband on the morning of the Doctors appointment that I was going to flash my tits and let the doctor ‘cop a feel’. This was exciting!

Anyway, I had an ultrasound and was more annoyed that the ultrasound technician was pushing so hard on the tender area of my breast where the lump was than anything else. { I’m a bit of a woose when it comes to pain}. Things began to get a little heated up when the ultrasound technician left the room and returned a few minutes later with the radiologist. Okay, I was beginning to think that this might be serious, or maybe this person just lacked experience, hence the heavy handed ultrasound technique that was really annoying me.

It’s a ingrown hair reports the Radiologist! Cool, I’m off the hook I thought, although the only weird thing is that I don’t have hairy tits!

PINAABOUT PINA:  I’m a creative type who does a bit of everything and nothing. Sometimes I love to draw, paint, play with clay, love natural wine, eat too much and meditate. Mother of two, first husband.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma on 11 November 2014. A week after I had a partial mastectomy and completed six months of Chemotherapy on the 1st of July 2015. Since then I’ve had a left breast mastectomy in August, and have had a tissue expander inserted between my chest wall and muscles expanded…ouch

I couldn’t have started writing this any earlier because I basically felt like I had the life sucked out of me and my brain was a foggy mess. On that note, still foggy, still a little messed up. This is my personal experience, my take on life when it sucks and how I’ve managed to keep on sucking it up.

{ARTWORK: Art as therapy by Pina.}

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