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Since then she’s created an almost entirely self sufficient lifestyle, growing her own produce and raising her own chickens and livestock to feed her little family – and the visitors who frequent her famed long-lunches for ‘Tamsin’s Table’!

Tamsin’s Table is set on a working farm in the hills of Gippsland, where Tamsin hosts beautiful lunches and workshops using meat and produce grown and gathered on the farm and in the rambling kitchen garden. “Years ago I committed myself to eating with our Gippsland seasons and from our own land, a hilly but fertile 113 acres, knowing nothing more than that I wanted to live simply and well and play my own tiny part in ‘fixin’ things’. Now, over a decade later we have the deep satisfaction of knowing where all our food comes from, because it all comes from here.”
Lunches and classes are held in the hilltop farmhouse, filled with Al {her partner’s} handmade furniture and with views down the valley out every window. “The joys of a shared table, conversation, home grown food; this is the good stuff of life. Enjoying these good things with friends old and new, along with a chance to learn or share food and cooking knowledge that springs from family and community traditions {all that good stuff you will never learn from a book} is what we are all about.”
Inspired? Us too…
To find out more about Tamsin, we asked her to answer out bM questions – here’s what she said: 

You, in three words? Dishevelled, passionate, optimistic!
What inspires you? People who grasp what it is to love, and to be courageous, and how closely entwined those two things are.
What’s your work title? Um I think I might be a super slashie – farmer/cook/gardener/mum/business owner/host/writer. It’s my dream job.
What was your first ever job? In the gift wrapping department at David Jones. I loved it!
What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? An itinerant poet.
Explain your usual day? If we’re hosting a lunch or class, then the day begins very early, with a coffee or two, as we do everything that needs to be done…which is a lot! Cleaning, setting the table, gathering the flowers, preparing the food and somewhere in there making sure that the cows, pigs, turkeys, chooks, lambs and childare fed, watered, and happy.
What ‘makes your day’? Sharing a big hug with guests when they leave, and feeling the complete relaxation in their body.
Who’s your ‘food’ icon? Gosh, this is hard. I would probably have to say Maggie Beer and Dawn French, who filled me with passion and excitement about cooking and food gardening repectively, but more importantly, made me believe that even I could have a go.
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How would you describe your style? Although I might wish it to be otherwise, my personal style is dishevelled, a bit handmade, and quite organic in that there are usually bits of hay attached to me somewhere. However the style I aim for in my home and for my food is simple, real, feminine, natural, delicate. And always with a bit of green.
Three products you can’t live without? Argan oil for face and throat and hands, Dr Bronner’s Shikakai Lavender hand and body soap, er…that’s it!
4 fave songs on your iPod? The Line that Ties Me – Julia Stone; Paint My Cup – Busby Marou; Set me Free – Sally Seltmann; and Talk to me of Mendocino – Anna and Kate McGarrigle
Fave perfume? Clarins Eau Dynamisante
What will you be doing 5 years time? Exactly the same, but with more time for a cuppa in the garden in the mornings.
For more details & to book lunch at Tamsin’s Table, visit www.tamsinstable.com.au
+ follow Tamsin ‘socially’ here:
facebook: @TamsinsTable
instagram: @tamsinstable
twitter: @tamsinstable


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