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holiday-away / no care HAIR

Nikki Yazxhi



so why not use your holiday destination / activities to your advantage

Here’s how:

TAKE TO THE BOTTLE: Before leaving home, pack an empty plastic water spray bottle, then when you get to your tropical destination mix 1 part light conditioner and 4 parts water to create your own leave in moisturiser for your hair. Once you have settled into your deck chair and before you start sipping on those refreshing ice cool beverages, spritz your leave in conditioner from ends to roots and work through with a wide tooth comb, {don’t use a brush as it will only create a tangle}. This will not only look sleek and chic but will ensure your hair is left soft, even after swimming and it will protect and add moisturiser at the same time.

LEAVE IT SALTY: Salt water is very effective and natural way of adding texture to the hair, so don’t rush to rinse it out. That beachy texture it gives has been re-created by many a product! After you get out of the ocean, rake your hair into a low centre ponytail on the nape and twist it from roots to ends loosely {even if you have fine or seemingly straggly hair} then wrap the tail around it’s self and put a bobby pin in to secure a messy bun until dry. You will love the end result! When you have taken your hair out and its bone dry, you’ll have masses of big tumbling waves from the midlengths to the ends.

BLOCK THE CHLORINE: If you love to spend a bit of time in the hotel pool {who doesn’t!} and you’re concerned about the chlorine {especially for blondes} there are two important rules: Rinse thoroughly after each dip in fresh water and spritz in your spray on conditioner to reduce that straw feel.

A FANCY PONYTAIL: Want to get the look of just like you have just stepped out of the salon, after swimming all day? On damp, towel blotted hair, place in a deep sexy side part, comb through to the nape and secure with snag free elastic {a little bit off centre}. Now braid the pony and secure the ends, wrap the plait around the base creating a beautiful elegant chignon and pin to secure. Add some huge sunnies for a chic style, great for poolside cocktails after a day at the beach.

{Pic: Pinterest}


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