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reader review: OVI HYDRATION

Nikki Yazxhi

tried & tested: OVI HYDRATION - Ruth


well, we decided to find out what you think of OVI too.

We put together our tried & tested team {thanks for everyone who send in their details, we’ll have more products to test soon} and each of these lovely reader-reviewers received all three OVI Hydration flavours: Berry, Peach and Citrus to ‘try out’…
Here are {dah nah} their reader-reviews:
RUTH {above}: “OVI Berry, my new favourite go to H2O. Deliciously crisp, refreshing with just the right kick of sweetness. It’s my new taste of summer!”
tried & tested: OVI HYDRATION - Georgia
GEORGIA {above}: “OVI is absolute perfection at quarter time. It’s hydrating, deliciously sweet and 100% skull-worthy. Post-game when I’m super thirsty, if I have somehow managed to save some, even a drop, – it is the ultimate thirst quencher. Often the netball girls get jealous, so, when I’m feeling uber-nice I’ll bring multiples but I’ll always keep the Berry for myself!”
tried & tested: OVI HYDRATION - TAMSIN
TAMSIN {above}: “A really great, refreshing drink with a subtle green tea flavour – and there were hints of peach and honey too. I found it really refreshing as it isn’t as sweet as a lot of the other brands, and I liked the fact that it is on the healthy side. It would be nice on a warm summers day over some ice as well. A great drink to have at BBQ’s or I can imagine sipping one by the beach or pool. Definitely on my drink list this summer.”
tried & tested: OVI HYDRATION - ANNA
ANNA {above}: “I was lucky enough to try the three OVI flavours; berry, citrus and peach – and I still can’t make up my mind on which one I liked the best. The flavours were there but weren’t overpowering – and they were very easy to drink. I especially liked drinking them icy cold, straight from the fridge. I’ve actually stocked up on more, my boys loved them too and they’re perfect for a summer’s morning at the beach or a family picnic in the park.”
So it’s not just us who loves the taste of OVI Hydration. In fact, everyone we ask, who has tried it, {our friends and family} they love it too. {It’s seriously so delicious and SO easy to drink!}

OVI Hydration has been created with a balance of water, natural minerals, sugar, fruit juice and natural flavours with antioxidants from green tea.
It comes in the three flavours; Citrus, Peach and Berry which contain absolutely ‘no badditives’, (being free from any artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives and flavours) – and they’re delicious. You pretty much finish a bottle before you know it! {FYI: the sugar in OVI hydration is not there by accident – they’ve purposefully included a precise amount to help with your body’s hydration process. And don’t worry, it’s not too sweet, containing just 4.2g sugar per 100ml. To see how OVI rates amongst other drinks click here}
You can also connect with OVI Hydration and find out more about them, 
by visiting:
facebook: facebook.com/OVIHydrationAustralia
instagram: instagram.com/ovihydration

Want to try them too? OVI Hydration is NOW available in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia.
{This post was done in collaboration with OVI Hydration}


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