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14 days to a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU – day #4

Nikki Yazxhi


DAY #4


Sixty percent of happiness depends on your DNA and life circumstances, but what you think and do affect the other 40 percent—sweet news for your state of mind.

So take two weeks and these joy-inducing tips. You’ll be amazed at what one small tweak a day can do. The proof is in the positivity!

BLISS BOOSTER Get your BFF and head to a museum, take a bush walk or spend an evening with takeaway and chic flick. If your friend isn’t local, call or Skype her for a heart-to-heart.

PLEASURE PAYOFF Having one truly great friend affects your joy more than having a few dozen sort-of-close friends. A solid relationship with your nearest and dearest can improve your happiness by up to 10 percent, according to research in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

“Women friends tend to talk about their thoughts and feelings,” said the study. “That promotes a special kind of intimacy and gives us a unique sense of support and belonging.”

{Source: Self}


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