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14 days to a HAPPIER HEALTHIER YOU – day #2

Nikki Yazxhi




Sixty percent of happiness depends on your DNA and life circumstances, but what you think and do affect the other 40 percent—sweet news for your state of mind.

So take two weeks and these joy-inducing tips. You’ll be amazed at what one small tweak a day can do. The proof is in the positivity!

BLISS BOOSTER: Make time for 21 minutes of moderate-intensity {or 11 minutes of rock-your-socks-off} cardio today. Repeat for a week.

PLEASURE PAYOFF: Why such an oddly specific number? That’s what experts say it takes to be considered moderately fit, and moderately fit women are 44 percent less apt to have depressive symptoms than nonexercisers, the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports. {Super fit women are 54 percent less likely to be blue.} Working out releases good-for-you endorphins and leaves you feeling healthy, strong and sexy—aka happy! When you pursue a goal like exercise, you feel more competent- the more you keep up with your workouts, the more content you’ll be.

{Source: Self Pic: Vogue}


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