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wednesday wisdom: 12 ways to BE your MOST EXCELLENT

Nikki Yazxhi


…care more than others think is wise;
…risk more than others think is safe;
…dream more than others think is practical;
…expect more than others think is possible. ”

These are wise words from Shannon @ The Simply Luxurious Life  {One of my fave blogs!}
She believes it’s very possible to achieve excellence in whatever you put your mind to – it’s simply a matter of adjusting your focus, having clear priorities and eliminating time drains in your life.

Here’s her inspiring list of ideas where excellence can be achieved:
1. Master one or two excellent meals for when guests are invited to dinner that leave you confident that the meal will be a success.

2. Before saying yes to a new job, responsibility or time commitment, make sure you have the time and the passion to do the best job you possibly can. By stepping back for a moment and evaluating, you’ll save yourself stress and frustration that could have been avoided.

3. Maintain discipline. Upon deciding to do something, do it – complete the task. Unless you’re in deathly pain, finish what you had intended to do, and in doing so you will gain confidence, strength and a healthier physique.

4. Accept that a project may take longer than expected or cost a bit more than originally budgeted. Be willing to complete a task to the best of your ability even if it takes longer than expected. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

5. At work, always do the best you can and put forth positive energy, ideas and an outlook on projects that is infectious for creating a more healthy and productive work environment.

how to be your most excellent

6. As long as you know you’re doing your best, don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fall short of your goal. The only regrets are instances where we know that we could have given more of our best selves or should have done something, but took the easy road. As long as you know in your heart you did the best at the time, learn from the lesson and move forward.

7. Don’t waste time. When asked to do something, or trying to complete something that is on your to-do list, get it done, do it well and move on. Procrastinating is not going to make the task disappear.

8. Immerse yourself in relaxation. Carve out down time and allow yourself to savor it. Those who can truly let themselves relax will be energised and able to put their best self forward when it’s time to get busy.

9. Be pro-active and preventative. Make dentist appointments every 6 months, have your tyres rotated every 3 months along with your oil. Taking care of your health and things you rely on to live your life while they’re in working order will save much heartache and money down the road.

10. Take care of what you have or are responsible for. And if you don’t have the time to take care of it or be responsible for it, then say no.

11. Take care of you. Sleep 6-9 hours each night. Exercise regularly. Eat a balance diet and in proper proportions. Give. Find balance. Achieve financial security. Wash your make-up off each night. Drink more water. Exercise your mind.

12. Be the exception and set a positive example. The beautiful thing that many don’t realise is that when you’re giving your best consistently, you’ll eventually see very positive results.

{Source: The Simply Luxurious Life / Pic: Studded Hearts}


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