95 questions to help you find MEANING AND HAPPINESS

how to find meaning and happiness

SELF REFLECTION HELPS YOU IDENTIFY WHERE YOU’VE BEEN… AND WHERE YOU WANT TO GO it’s also pretty important when it comes to our long-term goals, meaning and happiness. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly to kick-start what you’re truly looking for – because when it comes to finding what you want in life, […]

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wednesday wisdom:

wednesday wisdom

WE LOVE CAROLINE DE MAIGRET She’s beautiful, stylish and very, very French, she’s also Lancôme’s Parisian Muse and co-author of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are + she has the best advice… Caroline’s philisophy / advice {that we love so much}: Embrace your flaws: “Some people seem to put their fantasy of ‘the ideal woman’ onto the […]

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stop complicating YOUR LIFE {part 3}

stop complicating your life part 3

LIFE IS NOT COMPLICATED – WE ARE COMPLICATED! When we stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life is simple. Here is part 3 of what you should start doing today… * Stop confusing ‘being busy’ with ‘being productive.’ Start tracking and measuring your progress. Being busy and being productive are […]

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