how-to: spring clean / re-organise YOUR WARDROBE

spring wardrobe

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE and time for everything to rejuvenate, including your wardrobe Here’s how-to-do Spring clean your wardrobe {actually, even if it isn’t Spring}: • Perk it up. Paint a dingy wardrobe interior a light colour so dark clothes are visible. Wallpapering the inside of the door can be elegant, but don’t choose anything too […]

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style file: 8 simple RULES STYLISH GIRLS ALWAYS follow

stylish girls

‘WHO WHAT WEAR’ IS ‘THE’ GO-TO SITE FOR EVERYTHING STYLISH So when we found their style guidelines, sourced from some of the most stylish women in the world {that are so universally wise and helpful}, we just had to share them with you too! Here are 8 style ‘stylish girl’ guidelines definitely worth taking onboard… 1. Clothing is […]

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