beauty insider:

FORGET BOTOX AND COLLAGEN INJECTIONS here’s the tricks and tips that will improve your skin, hair, even teeth – all while you’re sleeping. During the day your skin is exposed to a multitude of challenges – UV, pollution, smoking and other irritants that affect cellular activity and cause ageing. At night your skin is freed […]

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how you can SAVE $500* {so you can buy your DREAM SHOES!}

IMAGINE IF YOUR CAR TYRES COULD HELP SAVE YOU SOME SERIOUS MONEY… MONEY THAT YOU COULD SPEND ON, SAY, THE GORGEOUS PAIR OF SHOES YOU’VE BEEN COVETING FOR AGES!  Cue the shoe inspiration, and read on…   Yep, Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax Tyres, which feature the latest Fuel Saving Technology, can save you up to $500 worth of […]

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we-can’t-live-without: CHILDREN’S PANADOL

WHEN CHILDREN’S PANADOL APPROACHED ME TO DO THIS POST, I DIDN’T THINK TWICE… we’ve always used Children’s Panadol – and I wouldn’t {and don’t use} anything else for the boys! For teething, immunisations, fever, pain, colds {especially this time of the year} – we’ve used Children’s Panadol from ‘month one’ – and as the boys […]

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OKAY, AS YOU KNOW WE’VE JUST GOT BACK FROM A MINI-BREAK… which I highly recommend doing to recharge and rejuvenate – but also realise it’s not completely do-able unless all your planets are aligning, and you’ve got time off work! So, as a back-up, I recommend creating your own little mini-break from the world, where […]

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vitamin B = less STRESS @ WORK

INCREASING YOUR VITAMIN B INTAKE COULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE WORK-RELATED STRESS – a clinical trial conducted at Swinburne University of Technology has shown… The results of the three-month trial, where participants were given a course of either high dose vitamin B supplements (Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula) or a placebo, have been accepted for publication in […]

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