get glowing:

THESE ‘FACIAL YOGA’ MOVES CAN HELP PREVENT WRINKLES AROUND YOUR ‘KISSER’ We’re thinking everything can help, right? According to Goop, you can help prevent wrinkles around the mouth with daily facial exercises. So, to start, pull exagger-ated “O” and “E” (as if you were saying “Eeeee…”) shapes with your mouth for 30 seconds. Purse lips […]

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beauty insider:

NEED TO GET YOUR SKINCARE IN CHECK FOR SUMMER? here’s everything you need-to-know before the hot weather is upon us By bM ‘skincare expert’ Emma Hobson * Thorough cleansing is really important in summer; it removes the sunscreens off the skin as well as the sweat, dirt and debris. Don’t forget to cleanse down the […]

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get-ready-for-summer PEDICURE PLAN

IF YOUR FEET ARE LIKE MINE, THEY MIGHT NEED SOME ‘TLC ACTION’ BEFORE YOU START WEARING YOUR OPEN-TOES OR STRAPPY HEELS! Well, dah nah, check out this DIY pedicure plan {it’s definately on my to-do list when the boys are in bed tonight}: Take a milk bath. Not as ridiculous as it sounds! The lactic acid […]

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5 top tips: BODY POLISHING

WITH SUMMER LOOMING WE THOUGHT WE’D SHARE THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET YOUR BODY HOT-WEATHER READY to get your skin as soft as possible scroll down for the expert secrets to perfectly smooth skin 1. Start when the skin is dry {but not freshly shaven ore recently waxed}. Dead skin cells will shed faster and […]

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