get-ready-for-summer PEDICURE PLAN

IF YOUR FEET ARE LIKE MINE, THEY MIGHT NEED SOME ‘TLC ACTION’ BEFORE YOU START WEARING YOUR OPEN-TOES OR STRAPPY HEELS! Well, dah nah, check out this DIY pedicure plan {it’s definately on my to-do list when the boys are in bed tonight}: Take a milk bath. Not as ridiculous as it sounds! The lactic acid […]

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5 top tips: BODY POLISHING

WITH SUMMER LOOMING WE THOUGHT WE’D SHARE THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET YOUR BODY HOT-WEATHER READY to get your skin as soft as possible scroll down for the expert secrets to perfectly smooth skin 1. Start when the skin is dry {but not freshly shaven ore recently waxed}. Dead skin cells will shed faster and […]

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