9 decluttering ideas YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT

SINCE MOVING BACK INTO THE HOUSE & UNPACKING, I’VE BEEN IN MAJOR DECLUTTERING MODE … and have even started decluttering things and places you wouldn’t normally think about! Here’s what I’ve been decluttering: {maybe a little inspiration for you to do too}…  The medicine kit: I was amazed how many ‘baby’, out of date and […]

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JULY 26, 2016 WOW, WHERE HAVE THE WEEKS GONE? So much going on? I can’t believe that we’re at the end of July, that we’re half-way through the year. Our Petaluma House renovation is getting closer to the ‘moving-out stage’ – yes, we have to move out for 12 weeks – and I’m packing and selling […]

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MAY 12, 2016 THE LAST FEW MONTHS HAVE BEEN AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER… At the end of last year, my sister Mel, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and earlier on this year, my mum was diagnosed with the early stage of Leukemia! Sadly, my little sister passed away on March 11, and my mum passed […]

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snippets of my week: {MAY 11 – 17, 2015}

MY ‘SNIPPETS’ ARE BACK… I’ve gone for a weekly collection this time, let me know what you think? HOW TIME FLIES – one minute it was the lead-up to Mother’s Day… the next, we’re a week on. Crazy! I had a coffee this week with a girlfriend, at Smalltown {where the pretty delicious donuts, pictured above, […]

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