beauty insider: DIY LIP TRICKS

THESE DIY LIP TRICKS WILL NOT ONLY MAKE YOUR KISSER SUPER-SMOOTH AND SUPER-SOFT they will also help your lipstick’s staying-power – BOOM! THE TOOTHBRUSH TRICK: Okay, this is a pretty simple one. Each morning, using a slightly damp soft bristled toothbrush, rub your lips gently in circular motions for 30 seconds to slough away any […]

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beauty class: LUSH LASH MOVES

FOR INCREDIBLY LUSH, CLUMP-FREE LASHES, THE TRICK IS ALL IN THE LAYERING! Here’s the DIY guide… 1. To make lashes look full, glide a very thin line of black eyeliner across, and really close to, the lashline to give the illusion of thickness. 2. Hold your mascara wand at the bottom of your lashes and wiggle it to really […]

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beauty school: 5 big MAKEUP MISTAKES
{and how not to make them!}

HERE ARE 5 OF THE BIGGEST MAKEUP MISTAKES YOU CAN MAKE {WOOPS} – and how you can fix them forever… 1. Choosing the wrong foundation and concealer. Pick a colour that’s too light, and you’ll look like you didn’t rub in their sunscreen completely. 2. Overdrawn eyeliner. Don’t use eyeliner, especially liquid liner, to exaggerate […]

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ADD THESE BEHIND-THE-SCENES / BACKSTAGE BEAUTY TIPS TO YOUR HAIR & MAKE-UP REPERTOIRE and you’ll be rocking! 1. Sprinkle some loose translucent powder into your bronzer. You probably already know, if you put bronzer directly onto the skin, it creates patches, yes?. So the trick it to put a little powder into the bronzer, that way it sheers it […]

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