12 ways to LOVE YOURSELF

THE KEY TO A BEAUTIFUL AND FULFILLED LIFE IS TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF… self love plays a big role in your happiness and success. Here are 12 ways you can start loving you. Read it and start being your own best friend from today: 1. Stop All Criticism. Criticism never changes a thing. […]

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monday motivation:

FEELING A LITTLE TIRED AND SLUGGISH? Try these simple detoxing tips to help maximise your body’s ability to process waste, which in turn, will help you feel rejuvenated and re-energised. Water with Lemon: Sipping room-temperature water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning stimulates digestion and helps to flush toxins. Regular […]

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new you: 11 steps to a MAKING A FRESH START {part 1}

WANTING A FRESH START TO THE NEW YEAR? Here’s the first  simple steps that can help change a variety of different areas of life – health, attitude, time management, job performance, finances, relationships… These steps will take discipline and a consistent approach to eliminate the old habits that haven’t worked and reconfigure new habits into […]

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wednesday wisdom:
12 ways to BE your MOST EXCELLENT

“ EXCELLENCE CAN BE OBTAINED IF YOU: …care more than others think is wise; …risk more than others think is safe; …dream more than others think is practical; …expect more than others think is possible. ”   These are wise words from Shannon @ The Simply Luxurious Life  {One of my fave blogs!} She believes it’s very […]

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