3 tips for the PERFECT PONYTAIL


DO YOU {LIVE-IN} LOVE A GOOD PONYTAIL? Me too! Here are three tips to perfect your ponytail like Jennifer Aniston’s much-coveted one above: 1. Tease your hair slightly at the crown. Don’t worry about making it look perfect—controlled messiness is what makes this look so appealing. Try Lady Jayne‘s new Volumising & Styling Teasing Brush. 2. […]

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JENNIFER ANISTON HAS PROBABY ‘THE-MOST’ FAMOUS HAIR EARTH SO IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE SHE EVER GOT IT WRONG… … but it seems she did! Here she tells us her beauty routine, the best beauty advice she got from her mother, and a major hair regret. Have you ever made a beauty mistake? Mini Mohawk, when I was 14. […]

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make-up free ONE DAY – celeb SELFIES


IF YOU’RE A MAKE-UP JUNKIE THAT CAN’T GO OUT OF THE HOUSE WITHOUT MAKE-UP… DARE YOURSELF and go make-free at least one day a week – your skin will thank you! Need some bare-faced inspiration? Check out Miranda , Gwyneth, Karlie, Cameron, Nicole, Gisele and Jen! More ‘why-to-go-make-up free’ deets HERE {* If you want to […]

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jennifer aniston CHATS about her WEDDING HAIR, extensions, KATE MIDDLETON & ‘THE RACHEL’


JENNIFER ANISTON WOULD HAVE TO HAVE ‘THE MOST-COVETED’ HAIR… who doesn’t love her cut and colour… and who didn’t want ‘the Rachel’ back in the day {of Friends}? While her hair was the envy of millions in the 90’s, in an interview with Marie Claire US, Jen admitted it’s Kate Middleton’s glossy locks she really envies, saying: […]

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