home / renovation inspiration: KITCHEN DESIGN TRENDS

AS YOU KNOW WE’VE STARTED OUR RENOVATIONS AND, AFTER MUCH RESEARCH, WE’VE COMPLETELY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ASKO’s APPLIANCES FOR OUR NEW KITCHEN I’m thinking you’ll love them too, which is why I wanted to share {interior designer and ASKO advocate} Shaynna Blaze’s kitchen design tips+ tell you how you could win a kitchen design workshop […]

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fashion insider:

JEANS ARE A STAPLE IN OUR WARDROBE…  LIVE IN THEM, LOVE THEM & LOVE MADEWELL… which is why we felt compelled to share Madewell denim pro Mary Pierson’s expert advice on how to preserve and care for your cherished denim What’s your number-one rule when it comes to taking care of jeans? Don’t wash your jeans too […]

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beauty insider: GOOD TO GLOW

FINDING THE PERFECT SHADE OF BLUSH FOR YOU – AND APPLYING IT PROPERLY will instantly brighten your skin… Here’s what you need to know to get the glow… 1. To find the shade that flatters your skin tone, gently pinch your cheeks and match the blush to the colour you get. You can also try […]

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6 {clever} steps to MAXIMISE your MANICURE

DOES YOUR NAILPOLISH CHIP OFF PRETTY MUCH A DAY AFTER YOU’VE APPLIED IT? {Yep, me too!} Here are six tips to help maximise your manicure: 1. Watch your form: The oval shape is hands-down the best way to get a mani with marathon endurance. There aren’t any rigid corners like with a square nail that can […]

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sleep school:

HERE ARE THE FIVE WORST BEFORE-YOU-GO-TO-SLEEP MISTAKES YOU CAN MAKE {I do two of them! Sometimes – the TV and nightcap ones, woops}! Here’s what you should avoid before bed for a peace-full slumber: 1. TV TOO CLOSE TO BEDTIME. The light and the content are both incredibly alerting. 2. NAPPING. The need for sleep builds […]

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