copy-cat her hair: ALEXA CHUNG

IS SHE NOT JUST SIMPLY STUNNING? {How much would you LOVE to have her hair?} Well you can, quite easily, according to her hairdresser of seven years, George Northwood… “Alexa’s hair is a variation on a classic bob – it’s not too done and not too messy,” he says. “Any girl can wear it – it’s very […]

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super SHINY HAIR secrets

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HAIR TYPE OR TEXTURE you can have healthy-looking hair {yes, you can} by following these ‘hair appropriate’ shiny hair secrets… IF YOUR HAIR IS DAMAGED – improving its condition is the only way to make it look shinier. Here’s how… * When hair is damp, apply leave-in conditioner to damaged areas. * Invest in […]

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DO YOU DIY YOUR MANICURE? Here’s a few tips that will make it look that much better and last that much longer… Double up on basecoat. Applying a second layer of basecoat before your polish makes the color latch on better. Roll with it. Don’t shake the polish bottle—you’ll get air bubbles and then a […]

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beauty insider: eyeliner TRICK

I FOUND THIS GREAT MAKE-UP TIP WHILE I WAS RESEARCHING ONE OF MY STORIES… {Pure genius from Jeanine @Stila!} As eye pencils contain beeswax, your body heat can melt them causing them to slide and smudge. To prevent an eyeliner meltdown, Jeanine Lobell, creator of Stila Cosmetics, suggests using eyeshadow with a wet brush to […]

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