#energyboost: afternoon PEP-UP TRICK


I’VE DISCOVERED A WAY TO GIVE YOURSELF A PEP-UP / ENERGY BOOST IN THE ARVO & it doesn’t involve caffeine… Spritz on a little of your fave perfume – even if you still have some on from the morning, re-spraying some on in the arvo is like an energy / emotional refresher / re-set! I’ve been doing […]

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skincare DIY: DRY SKIN FIX

diy skincare fix

I LOVE THIS DRY SKIN FIX I FOUND WHILE RESEARCHING WINTER SKINCARE TIPS When your skin is feeling tight and moisture-sapped, try this remedy to get a healthy glow: Rub a freshly cut lemon half over your face {it’s natural acids remove flakes and smooth skin}, then steam your skin over a pot of warm […]

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I FOUND THIS INSIDER TIP REALLY INTERESTING… Putting your deodorant on before you go to bed can make it more effective! Research shows that applying one at night, when your core body temperature is lower and sweat ducts are more relaxed, helps the active ingredients penetrate better, improving effectiveness throughout the next day. Ingredients seep […]

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