insider tricks to FIX BEAUTY DISASTERS

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INSIDER TRICKS OF THE TRADE THAT WILL MAKE A BIG IMPACT ON YOUR BEAUTY-FULL FACE! Here are fixes for three of the most common beauty disasters…   1. Blemishes. At the first sign of trouble, dab a benzoyl peroxide ointment on the spot to reduce inflammation and kill zit-causing bacteria. Once that’s dry, fight the […]

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beauty insider: SALON HAIR SECRETS

salon secrets

ADD THESE STYLING TRICKS-OF-THE-TRADE TO YOUR BEAUTY REPERTOIRE for super-soft-shiny hair… COOL DOWN: The heat from styling appliances opens hair cuticles and creates frizz and flyaways. Fix this by hitting the ‘cool’ button on your hairdryer and giving hair a shot of cold air to seal and smooth strands. It’ll boost shine, as light reflects best off […]

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insider-trick: LUMINOUS SKIN


BASIC BEAUTY RULE: DON’T WEAR YOUR MAKE-UP LIKE A MASK – instead use a sheer foundation that allows your natural colouring to glow through… “Apply a drop of foundation to your palm before applying so your body heat melts it, making it easier to spread and blend,” says hair and make-up artist, Meg Guthrie. “Then […]

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