3 tips for the PERFECT PONYTAIL

DO YOU {LIVE-IN} LOVE A GOOD PONYTAIL? Me too! Here are three tips to perfect your ponytail like Jennifer Aniston’s much-coveted one above: 1. Tease your hair slightly at the crown. Don’t worry about making it look perfect—controlled messiness is what makes this look so appealing. Try Lady Jayne‘s new Volumising & Styling Teasing Brush. 2. […]

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LOVING THIS TWISTED BRAID STYLE FOR THE WEEKEND {WOULD ALSO MAKE GORGEOUS ‘WEDDING’ HAIR} half up, half down – with a braid thrown in… perfection! here’s the how-to-do deets: 1. Take a triangle section of hair near your part 2. Divide it into two sections 3. Add a new section of hair to the front […]

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#lifeadvice : how to stay cool UNDER PRESSURE

WHETHER YOU’RE GOING FOR AN INTERVIEW, ASKING FOR YOUR BOSS FOR MORE MONEY, OR GIVING A TOAST…  it’s totally normal to feel nervous. While there is no exact cure, there are ways to help compose yourself quickly. Here’s how to stay cool under pressure… • Get ready. Most of us are more nervous when we’re […]

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NEVER UNDERESTIMATE TAUPE EYESHADOW… it may look dead-dull boring amongst more-glam shades in your eyeshadow palette, but it is ever-so clever! how-to-do: Sweep your taupe shadow over your entire eyelid to give your eyes a wide-awake look (the colour zaps redness) or use it to create the perfect base for eyeliner—it looks amazing next to […]

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