how to look good in photos

IF YOU HATE HAVING YOUR PHOTO TAKEN YOU NEED TO READ THESE ‘ALWAYS LOOK AMAZING’ TRICKS they really work 1. Push Your Face Forward Elongate your neck and push your face forward ever so slightly. It may feel a little ridiculous, but it makes your face look thinner and disguises any sign of a double chin. Tipping your […]

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3 tips for the PERFECT PONYTAIL


DO YOU {LIVE-IN} LOVE A GOOD PONYTAIL? Me too! Here are three tips to perfect your ponytail like Jennifer Aniston’s much-coveted one above: 1. Tease your hair slightly at the crown. Don’t worry about making it look perfect—controlled messiness is what makes this look so appealing. Try Lady Jayne‘s new Volumising & Styling Teasing Brush. 2. […]

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weekend hair

LOVING THIS TWISTED BRAID STYLE FOR THE WEEKEND {WOULD ALSO MAKE GORGEOUS ‘WEDDING’ HAIR} half up, half down – with a braid thrown in… perfection! here’s the how-to-do deets: 1. Take a triangle section of hair near your part 2. Divide it into two sections 3. Add a new section of hair to the front […]

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#lifeadvice : how to stay cool UNDER PRESSURE


WHETHER YOU’RE GOING FOR AN INTERVIEW, ASKING FOR YOUR BOSS FOR MORE MONEY, OR GIVING A TOAST…  it’s totally normal to feel nervous. While there is no exact cure, there are ways to help compose yourself quickly. Here’s how to stay cool under pressure… • Get ready. Most of us are more nervous when we’re […]

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copy-cat her hair: THE WAVY PONYTAIL


WAVY HAIR IS ONE OF THE BIG HAIR LOOKS FOR 2017 pulled into a ponytail, this style will be seriously trending on and off the catwalk Here’s how to copy the look: Stylists at Sportmax S/S 2017 collection let the models natural texture, shine {so to speak}. The trick is to not rake your fingers […]

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