10 feel-better winter WELLNESS TIPS

WHILE THERE’S NO MAGICAL CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD… Blackmores Director of Education, Pam Stone, {who I have worked with/known for years} believes the key to beating winter ailments lies in your immune system. She says taking proactive steps to support your body’s resistance with some natural immunity boosters and some simple lifestyle habits. Here’s […]

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we-can’t-live-without: CHILDREN’S PANADOL

WHEN CHILDREN’S PANADOL APPROACHED ME TO DO THIS POST, I DIDN’T THINK TWICE… we’ve always used Children’s Panadol – and I wouldn’t {and don’t use} anything else for the boys! For teething, immunisations, fever, pain, colds {especially this time of the year} – we’ve used Children’s Panadol from ‘month one’ – and as the boys […]

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vitamin B = less STRESS @ WORK

INCREASING YOUR VITAMIN B INTAKE COULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE WORK-RELATED STRESS – a clinical trial conducted at Swinburne University of Technology has shown… The results of the three-month trial, where participants were given a course of either high dose vitamin B supplements (Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula) or a placebo, have been accepted for publication in […]

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health insider:

SUPER ALL-NATURAL REMEDIES… perfect for all the family, all-year round! GINGER what it treats: travel sickness how it works: Ginger controls nausea and vomiting. Drink ginger tea or eat crystallised ginger. PEPPERMINT OIL what it treats: an upset stomach how it works: Settles your tummy and relieves feeling of sickness. Put a few drops on […]

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Lee Holmes

Back to the Team supercharged food guru LEE HOLMES is THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF SUPERCHARGED FOOD EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL AND SUPERCHARGED FOOD FOR KIDS She’s also the founder of www.superchargedfood.com which helps people expand their range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. Lee is a […]

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