12 ways to LOVE YOURSELF

THE KEY TO A BEAUTIFUL AND FULFILLED LIFE IS TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF… self love plays a big role in your happiness and success. Here are 12 ways you can start loving you. Read it and start being your own best friend from today: 1. Stop All Criticism. Criticism never changes a thing. […]

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happy weekend:
30 ways to find tranquility

IF YOUR WEEK HAS BEEN BUSY BUSY & YOU NEED TO TOTALLY SWITCH OFF AND UNWIND… here are some simple tips to help you find tranquility this weekend… 1. Have a totally computer-free weekend – it’s amazing what you’ll achieve {other than work} and how you will help you to unwind {of course scroll through […]

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happy weekend
+ 12 ways to get happy NOW!

DON’T SPEND ANOTHER DAY BEING BLUE, LIFE IS TOO SHORT Live your life & don’t deprive yourself of  happiness… Here are 12 {hopefully helpful} ways to get happy now… 1. start moving Exercise is an instant mood improver! The more you stimulate your body through exercise, the more you burn up the bio-chemicals that are […]

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