life lessons: the abc’s of SELF LOVE

LOVING THIS POST FROM POSITIVELY PRESENT  the abc’s of learning to love yourself more… {A good one to print out and stick inside your wardrobe door!} Accept your body. Sure, there are things you can change, but, for the most part, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. As I said above, you are […]

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body love:
10 ways to LOVE YOUR BODY

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE… … and no one is going to worship it {you} if you’re not already rejoicing in your own unique beauty. Start thinking of your body as your friend, not your enemy. Your body takes you to amazing places and does some pretty amazing things + above all else, fellow mummas… your body created life. […]

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expert advice: HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY

HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY – AND EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE – by Angela Jones {a truly beauty-full, amazing and inspiring bella mumma!} Take time for yourself daily. It’s important to have you-time. It may be drawing a bath, reading a book with your cup of coffee in the morning, going on a walk or […]

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