gear to go: YOGA FOR TRAVEL

namaste the upside

TRAVEL CAN TAKE A TOLL ON THE BODY’S ABILITY TO FUNCTION AT OPTIMAL HEALTH LEVELS yoga contributor, Charlotte Dodson shares her poses and ‘FLYWELL’ expertise to help get your body back on track International flights, road trips, or day-long train rides force us to cramp our bodies into a small seat for numerous hours at […]

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recharge with yoga

YOU CAN PRACTICE YOGA FOR JUST A FEW MINUTES AND YOU’LL GAIN IT REJUVENATING BENEFITS… especially if you’ve had late or sleepless nights. Yoga expert and bellaMUMMA contributor, Charlotte Dodson has developed this step-by-step routine to recharge tired bellaMUMMAs It’s important to move the body, as you move and shift the body, it’ll do the same in […]

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SAY HELLO TO OUR AMAZING YOGA CONTRIBUTOR celebrity yoga instructor, Charlotte Dodson is coming onboard to guide us through yoga moves that will suit ‘every body’ Charlotte is an internationally renowned yoga instructor who has taken the world by storm. Based in Sydney, Charlotte teaches A-list clients such as Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil […]

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