bride hair: THE CROWN BRAID

I SO LOVE THIS LOOK – NOT ONLY FOR THE GORGEOUS-FACTOR, but the practical-factor of keeping your hair out of your face. {It’s also the perfect bridal hair!} Here’s the how-to-do: * Before jumping into the braiding process, prepare your strands:  If you’re prone to frizziness, use a little hair serum or mousse ~ this […]

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IF YOU HATE HAVING YOUR PHOTO TAKEN YOU NEED TO READ THESE ‘ALWAYS LOOK AMAZING’ TRICKS they really work 1. Push Your Face Forward Elongate your neck and push your face forward ever so slightly. It may feel a little ridiculous, but it makes your face look thinner and disguises any sign of a double chin. Tipping your […]

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bride inspiration: TOPSHOP BRIDE COLLECTION ’17

TOPSHOP ABOUT TO LAUNCH A NEW SPECIAL OCCASION RANGE WITH TOPSHOP BRIDE. The NEW collection features five limited-edition stunning wedding dresses in addition to twenty-five ‘wear-again’ bridesmaid styles. From satin slips to gowns with ruffles and floral prints, the collection is stunning. In addition to dresses, Topshop created bridal lingerie, shoes and accessories. The new […]

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ALL THE NEED-TO-NOW-INFO YOU NEED TO CREATE THESE BEAUTY-FULL GLITTER FEATHERS by our amazing craft & DIY contributor, Jayde Leeder – TOTALLY LOVING! We’re totally in love with these glitter feathers, they’re so soft, so pretty and perfect for weddings, presents, anything! {Also a cute thing to make with your bridesmaids, just mnake sure the […]

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