winners of our 5 x babescrub packs

WOOHOO we have the 5 lucky winners of our babescrub giveaway Babescrub is less than a year old but is getting a loyal and beautiful following from women all around the world. Babescrub’s body scrubs are unique in that they are DRY scrubs – which means they do not require chemical preservatives and are fantastic for helping aid […]

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body love: KATE WINSLET’s awesome body ATTITUDE

KATE WINSLET IS PROUD TO BE IMPERFECT, AND WE TOTALLY LOVE HER TOTALLY-REAL ATTITUDE… She opened up about body image in a recent interview, saying she’d rather be there for her children than ‘spend time thinking about the size of my arse’. {Love it!} Kate, who is currently pregnant with her third child, told Time Out magazine, while […]

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expert advice: HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY

HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY – AND EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE – by Angela Jones {a truly beauty-full, amazing and inspiring bella mumma!} Take time for yourself daily. It’s important to have you-time. It may be drawing a bath, reading a book with your cup of coffee in the morning, going on a walk or […]

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