health insider: FOOD FOR ‘TAUT’

TOO MUCH TAKEAWAY… NOT ENOUGH VITAMINS… CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOU ATE SOMETHING GREEN? We spoke to a health insider to find out what you should eat today for a better body tomorrow… do you have a sweet tooth? “If you’re eating sweet foods for comfort or out of habit – or because you think they’re […]

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two-minute moves contributor: LIZZY WILLIAMSON

MEET THE VERY DYNAMIC, INSPIRATIONAL LIZZY WILLIAMSON our new Motivation & Fitness Contributor. We’re so excited to have her onboard – you’re just going to love her! The gorgeous Lizzy Williamson is a personal trainer, integrative nutrition health coach and founder of The Two Minute Workout. Her programs and workouts have already inspired many women […]

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yoga contributor: CHARLOTTE DODSON

SAY HELLO TO OUR AMAZING YOGA CONTRIBUTOR celebrity yoga instructor, Charlotte Dodson is coming onboard to guide us through yoga moves that will suit ‘every body’ Charlotte is an internationally renowned yoga instructor who has taken the world by storm. Based in Sydney, Charlotte teaches A-list clients such as Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil […]

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body love:

TO GET YOU ‘MOVING’ THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR SUMMER, HERE’S YOUR FIRST OF THE SEASON ‘FITNESS MOTIVATION’ by our health & fitness contributor, Key Son Before starting any fitness program, consult your physician for medical clearance to exercise.  When the weather is warmer, the biggest trend is exercising outdoors. This can be done through cardiovascular work such […]

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winners of our 5 x babescrub packs

WOOHOO we have the 5 lucky winners of our babescrub giveaway Babescrub is less than a year old but is getting a loyal and beautiful following from women all around the world. Babescrub’s body scrubs are unique in that they are DRY scrubs – which means they do not require chemical preservatives and are fantastic for helping aid […]

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