winners of our 5 x babescrub packs


WOOHOO we have the 5 lucky winners of our babescrub giveaway Babescrub is less than a year old but is getting a loyal and beautiful following from women all around the world. Babescrub’s body scrubs are unique in that they are DRY scrubs – which means they do not require chemical preservatives and are fantastic for helping aid […]

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body love: KATE WINSLET’s awesome body ATTITUDE


KATE WINSLET IS PROUD TO BE IMPERFECT, AND WE TOTALLY LOVE HER TOTALLY-REAL ATTITUDE… She opened up about body image in a recent interview, saying she’d rather be there for her children than ‘spend time thinking about the size of my arse’. {Love it!} Kate, who is currently pregnant with her third child, told Time Out magazine, while […]

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expert advice: HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY


HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY – AND EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE – by Angela Jones {a truly beauty-full, amazing and inspiring bella mumma!} Take time for yourself daily. It’s important to have you-time. It may be drawing a bath, reading a book with your cup of coffee in the morning, going on a walk or […]

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Lee Holmes


Back to the Team supercharged food guru LEE HOLMES is THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF SUPERCHARGED FOOD EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL AND SUPERCHARGED FOOD FOR KIDS She’s also the founder of which helps people expand their range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. Lee is a […]

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