health insider:

SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER & IT’S A GREAT TIME TO THINK ABOUT CLEANING UP YOUR DIET & INTRODUCING LOTS OF SEASONAL FRESH FOODS, says bM contributor and paediatric nutritionist, Mandy Sacher With the warmer months approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce new, healthier habits that will see your energy levels surge, your skin […]

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health insider: what you-need-to-know about YOUR HORMONE BALANCE

IT’S HIGH TIME THINGS WERE MADE CLEARER AND I HELPED YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOUR ‘OH SO BEAUTIFUL’ BUT COMPLEX BODY… by bM’s well-being contributor, {and the very gorgeous} Natalie Kringoudis You see, in my experience, for your body to be rocking ‘gangnam style’ there are a couple of key players. So let’s break it down. Your Liver […]

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monday moves: TRICEP TARGETING

WANT STRONG, STREAMLINED ARMS FOR SUMMER? This ‘tricep targeting’ move is designed to easily fit into your week, and can be done any time, anywhere! by Lizzy Williamson “This Monday Move is designed to tone and lift that part of your arm that has not-so-affectionately been nicknamed ‘Tuck-shop Arms’ or ‘Chicken Wings’. I do this tricep targeting […]

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