#beautyinsider: HOW TO GET KISSABLE LIPS

HERE’S HOW TO GET A SUPER-SMOOTH KISSER… {ready for tonight!} 1. Exfoliate: First apply a thick slick of lip balm to soften lips and leave for 10 minutes. Next gently exfoliate away dry, flaky skin with soft baby toothbrush using light circular motions. If you suffer from super-dry lips exfoliate once a week until your […]

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LOVING THIS TWISTED BRAID STYLE FOR THE WEEKEND {WOULD ALSO MAKE GORGEOUS ‘WEDDING’ HAIR} half up, half down – with a braid thrown in… perfection! here’s the how-to-do deets: 1. Take a triangle section of hair near your part 2. Divide it into two sections 3. Add a new section of hair to the front […]

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