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glow & tell: ALEXA CHUNG


SHE IS SIMPLY GORGEOUS AND PRETTY NO-FUSS IN THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT here’s some of her make-up/beauty tips that she shared with the beauty editor of Company magazine… How high-maintenance are you? I don’t think I’m that high maintenance. But, if I’m going to an event, I have an hour-and-a-half of hair and makeup. I probably […]

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glow & tell: CARLY from SMAGGLE


ANOTHER OF OUR FAVE BLOGGERS, CARLY FROM SMAGGLE has stopped by to share her ‘glow & tell’ beauty tips… Carly is the editor of Smaggle, a freelance writer, an actor, presenter, jeweller, designer and serious natural yogurt lover. Busy + !!! Here’s Carly’s fave products + how she keeps looking so ‘glow-ey gorgeous’: What’s the best […]

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glow & tell: ALEX FROM MODELCO


ANOTHER OF OUR BEAUTY FRIENDS, ALEX LINTNER FROM MODELCO has stopped by to share her ‘glow & tell’ beauty tips… by bM’s style contributor, Lara Edel Alex is the Online Producer at ModelCo, one of our fave beauty brands. This iconic Australian beauty brand renowned for innovation in tanning and clever cosmetics, and for their cover gotta-have […]

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SHE HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS SUPERMODELS She admits that she loves to squeeze blemishes and believes bigger is better when it comes to underwear… “I am a huge fan of big cotton underpants; they’re comfortable,” she says. “I wear them every day.” {BTW In Brazilianspeak, “big” is equivalent to a bikini […]

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glow & tell: MUMMA’S FROM THE GLOW


LITTLE TIME-SAVING MUMMA-SAID BEAUTY SNIPPETS… from one of my fave sites, The Glow… Ana & Luna {above top}: “Take naps whenever you can, drink enough water, and accept that you look tired (and that’s not necessarily bad).” Jeanne & Ruby {above}: “I don’t blow-dry my hair, which is a major time saver. I just use a little […]

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glow & tell: NICOLA from MY HEALTHY FAMILY


I WANT TO MEET A GORGEOUS FRIEND OF MINE, NICOLA CONVILLE… we’ve worked together on and off over the years and she’s just started a fantastic blog which you’ll just love called My Healthy Family! Nicola has been a health and lifestyle journo for more than 10 years and last October she launched her blog which aims […]

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glow & tell:


I HAVE KNOWN KIRSTEN CARRIOL FOR YEARS, SHE IS BOTH GORGEOUS INSIDE AND OUT, INSPIRING AND VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT HER BRAND, LANOLIPS… The inspiration for Lanolips comes from a humble sheep farm in Lucindale, South Australia where Kirsten spent her childhood. Lanolin (the main ingredient in the Lanolips range) is a natural substance taken from […]

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