health insider: your perfect excuse to EAT CHOCOLATE

GREAT NEWS FOR EASTER Eating chocolate is good for you! Yes, scientists agree that eating chocolate – in reasonable amounts – makes you feel emotionally better and so improves the smooth running of your body’s endorphins. It even protects against heart disease. Happy happy news, and here’s some more… Chocolate makes you live longer Researchers […]

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life advice: TOP FIVE CAREER TIPS IN 2018

HOW TO NAIL YOUR DREAM JOB INTERVIEW BY CAREER COACHING CONTRIBUTOR, ANGELA BRIGGS She has over 11 years experience recruiting for leading fashion and lifestyle brands globally, and shares her top 5 career tips right here… 1. Keep your CV and LI profile up to date It’s essential to ensure all information is up to […]

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makeup class: THE FIVE MINUTE FACE

YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND HOURS IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR TO ACHIEVE A POLISHED FACE… Try these make-up artist tips to minimise your making-up time: * Dab a foundation stick to conceal redness and pimples instead of applying to the whole face. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone so it’s easier and […]

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home inspiration: HOME OF 100 ROSES

ADORING THIS FAMILY HOME IN SWEDEN lovingly restored, complete with a garden containng one hundred roses The residents of this family home in Sweden, have made an effort to keep the the summer feeling all year round. Light and airy with white walls and the odd wallpaper and trärena, såpade wooden floors to the ancient […]

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THIS DRINK TICKS ALL THE BOXES, IT’S DELICIOUS, REFRESHING AND SO-PRETTY It is, effectively, a sophisticated Slushie for grown-ups. Perfection for a hot day like today! how-to-make: For each person put one large scoop of lemon sorbet into a blender and 100mls of Prosecco. Whizz briefly and pour into a chilled glass. You can do […]

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DELICIOUS AND INDULGENT, THIS CLASSIC RECIPE COMBINES AROMATIC SPICES WITH HONEY AND CITRUS FLAVOURS TO CREATE HOT CROSS BUNS THAT JUST MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. by our Healthy Chef contributor, Teresa Cutter olive oil hot cross buns Makes 24 buns. what-you-need 330 g (11 ½ oz / 2 ¾ cups) wholemeal spelt flour 50 g […]

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