#energyboost: afternoon PEP-UP TRICK


I’VE DISCOVERED A WAY TO GIVE YOURSELF A PEP-UP / ENERGY BOOST IN THE ARVO & it doesn’t involve caffeine… Spritz on a little of your fave perfume – even if you still have some on from the morning, re-spraying some on in the arvo is like an energy / emotional refresher / re-set! I’ve been doing […]

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weekend home retreat:
day 3 – SUNDAY

weekend retreat sunday

SUNDAY A DAY OF REST & REJUVENATION here’s Day three of our home re-treat guide – by tomorrow you’ll be re-vitalised, re-energised and re-focused… sunday 8:30am WAKE-UP… and hit the shower. Add a few drops of rose and geranium to the bottom of the shower and inhale to gently balance out your energy levels, re-fresh and […]

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