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IF PERFECTLY SHAPED, POLISHED NAILS ARE A VERY DISTANT MEMORY follow these easy manicure steps to get your nails into BC (before children) shape…. PREP YOUR NAILS by removing any old nail polish with a non-acetone remover. If your nails are longer than a centimetre, trim them with few short snips with sharp nail scissors. […]

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pale & pretty metallic highlights are giving pale pink a new edge Need a little nail inspiration… we’re loving these combos for brides, bridesmaids, birthday parties – and, well, anyway you want to add a little sparkle to your day! Need more manicure tips + inspiration? CLICK HERE {Pics: Pinterest / Byrdie}

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how to fake PEDICURE PERFECT feet

ARE YOUR FEET FEELING A LITTLE NEGLECTED Check out these five sneaky ways to get great-looking feet in a flash… There are plenty of ways to fake pretty, pedicured feet when you don’t have time for a pedi. Starting with: • Luminiser is your friend. The illuminating magic you use on your face can make […]

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#beautyinsider: the PERFECT PEDI

GET SUPER-SMOOTH FEET & PERFECTLY PAINTED TOES by following these insider tips… what you need: A metal nail clipper, a disposable nail file, a buffing block, a foot file, a cuticle pusher, a tub for soaking, foot cream, non-acetone polish remover, a foam toe separator or paper towels, and three polishes―base coat, colour, and topcoat. […]

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DO YOU DIY YOUR MANICURE? Here’s a few tips that will make it look that much better and last that much longer… Double up on basecoat. Applying a second layer of basecoat before your polish makes the color latch on better. Roll with it. Don’t shake the polish bottle—you’ll get air bubbles and then a […]

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