#beautyschool: 1, 2, 3, BLUSH & GLOW


GET GORGEOUS IN 3 EASY STEPS by following these expert quickie tips… 1. It’s all about buffing the skin. Foundation should look sheer and light – so apply your favourite formula using a non-latex sponge. Use one side to swipe on a thin layer of base, and then go over your skin once more with […]

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your new years eve {BEAUTY}

new years eve survival guide

WOO-HOO, TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT – GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017… Here’s how to start 2017 looking great, {even if you do have a few too many bubbles on New Years Eve}! Before you go to bed tonight: * Quench your skin. Skin normally loses moisture at night, and alcohol exacerbates the dehydration because it’s a diuretic. So […]

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3 oh-no beauty disasters, 3 DIY QUICK FIXES


IT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US… BEAUTY GONE-WRONG, JUST WHEN YOU LEAST NEED IT Here’s three of the most common disaters and their easy quick-fixes {no-one will ever know!} A BAD DYE JOB Those boxed dyes can be unpredictable which can be a serious blow to your confidence. Help the colour fade faster with a […]

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taupe eyeshadow

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE TAUPE EYESHADOW… it may look dead-dull boring amongst more-glam shades in your eyeshadow palette, but it is ever-so clever! how-to-do: Sweep your taupe shadow over your entire eyelid to give your eyes a wide-awake look (the colour zaps redness) or use it to create the perfect base for eyeliner—it looks amazing next to […]

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