#cantlivewithout: 10 reasons why we love OUR NEW CORDLESS VACUUM


OKAY, SMALL CONFESSION… I’M OBSESSED WITH VACUUMING PRETTY MUCH EVERY DAY, I CAN’T HANDLE SEEING DUST AND DIRT ON THE FLOOR – AND I’M PEDANTIC ABOUT KEEPING OUR NEW LOUNGE AND RUGS SPOTLESS which is why I’m loving {and can’t live without} my new Electrolux Ergorapido Electrolux has launched the new Ergorapido Series 5 Pet […]

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9 decluttering ideas YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT


SINCE MOVING BACK INTO THE HOUSE & UNPACKING, I’VE BEEN IN MAJOR DECLUTTERING MODE … and have even started decluttering things and places you wouldn’t normally think about! Here’s what I’ve been decluttering: {maybe a little inspiration for you to do too}…  The medicine kit: I was amazed how many ‘baby’, out of date and […]

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