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friday FAVE: alexa chung @ NET-A-PORTER


ONE OF MY FAVE STYLE ICONS, ALEXA CHUNG stars in net-a-porter’s latest online magazine showing off Spring’s latest offerings! {Seriously, she could make a heshan sack look hot!} CLICK HERE to shop Alexa’s Spring looks!

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style file:


BEYONCE’S NEXT PROJECT HAS ARRIVED her new activewear called Ivy Park – take a peek! There’s been whispers of Beyoncé’s new venture with Topshop for a while, but now the rumours and speculation is over. Beyoncé has just introduced Ivy Park – which like everything she does, is going to be huge {#itsgoneviral}. And it’s actually not a […]

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sunday style : DENIM FLARES

sunday style - flares

THE FLARE IS BACK… AGAIN {AND WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER} So we asked fashion contributor, Inez Garcia to share her fave five denim flares “The thing is, there are just sooo many great pairs out there to choose from at the moment. SO MANY! But I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. No good could come of […]

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monday moves #3:

tricep targeting

WANT STRONG, STREAMLINED ARMS FOR SUMMER? This ‘tricep targeting’ move is designed to easily fit into your week, and can be done any time, anywhere! by Lizzy Williamson “This Monday Move is designed to tone and lift that part of your arm that has not-so-affectionately been nicknamed ‘Tuck-shop Arms’ or ‘Chicken Wings’. I do this tricep targeting […]

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15 things REAL FRIENDS do DIFFERENTLY {part 2}


THE SECOND PART OF OUR INSPIRING {LEARN A LITTLE} POST ABOUT REAL TRUE FRIENDS… a great re-fresher read 9. They support each other’s growth changes. – Our needs change with time. When someone says, “You’ve changed,” it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it just means you grown. Don’t apologise for it. Instead, be open and […]

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style crush:

the pink trench coat

IF FASHION WERE TO SIT A PSYCH TEST, THE DIAGNOSIS WOULD MOST LIKELY BE SOMETHING LIKE THIS: “Suffers from a mild case of ADD, often disguised by it charming albeit narcissistic tendencies.” Case in point: The Trench Coat. by fashion contributor, Inez Garcia We all know and love this wonderful, tan-hued classic Trench, but what about […]

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