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15 things REAL FRIENDS do DIFFERENTLY {part 2}


THE SECOND PART OF OUR INSPIRING {LEARN A LITTLE} POST ABOUT REAL TRUE FRIENDS… a great re-fresher read 9. They support each other’s growth changes. – Our needs change with time. When someone says, “You’ve changed,” it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it just means you grown. Don’t apologise for it. Instead, be open and […]

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wednesday wisdom: 10 THINGS HAPPY COUPLES NEVER DO


HAPPINESS IN A RELATIONSHIP TAKE MORE THAN LUCK It really takes a conscious effort to put healthy relationship habits into play… … and even though we know not everything works for every couple, if we were to suggest some ‘happy’ habits, it would be the following 10 things: 1. They don’t complain about their relationship to their […]

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style crush: ALL THINGS VELVET


I’VE DUSTED OFF THE VELVET VINTAGE BLACK BLAZER that has been lurking around my wardrobe for the last decade and we’ve picked up where we left off, like old good friends do. by our music & style contributor, Nicole Churchman My velvet blazer, teamed with denim, stiletto’s and a tee, was my go to for years! […]

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95 questions to help you find MEANING AND HAPPINESS

how to find meaning and happiness

SELF REFLECTION HELPS YOU IDENTIFY WHERE YOU’VE BEEN… AND WHERE YOU WANT TO GO it’s also pretty important when it comes to our long-term goals, meaning and happiness. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly to kick-start what you’re truly looking for – because when it comes to finding what you want in life, […]

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