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beauty insider: 10 major LIPSTICK TRICKS {you need-to-know-about}

Nikki Yazxhi

IF YOU FIND IT CHALLENGE TO APPLY YOUR LIPPIE SO IT STAYS ON PAST YOUR FIRST COFFEE here are 10 lipstick hacks straight from Courtney, co-founder of the The Lip Lab, that you really need to know…

1. Save a broken, crushed, or melted lipstick by buying a small plastic container from the chemist. Melt the bullet down or simply crush it into the pot and apply with a lip brush.

2. Punch up a sheer lipstick by applying a similar or brighter shade underneath.

3. Make your colour last longer by applying, blotting with a tissue, dusting with any type of loose powder, and then applying another coat of colour.

4. Mix your own colour by deciding if you want it to look brighter or deeper and mixing in whichever to move your starter shade in the right direction. Don’t forget, you can use a matte colour as a base and top off with a different colour sheer.

5. Fight lipstick on the teeth by putting your pointer finger in your mouth, puckering, and pulling it out. Any rogue lipstick will land on your finger, not your chompers.

6. Get a rich colour to go on like a stain by using your finger or a lip brush to apply rather than pulling the lipstick itself over your lips.

7. Make a glossy colour matte by finishing it off with by tapping a similar colour powder blush over the lips with your finger.

8. Avoid colour creeping outside of your lips by lining with a clear lip pencil before lipstick.

9. Fake full lips by coating your favourite lipstick with shimmery white or pale pink powder or eyeshadow.

10. Re-form a bullet that’s gotten wonky by heating it for a few seconds with your hairdryer and using your fingers to fix the shape. To really seal the deal, place it in your freezer.

more details:

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