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losing your hair? HOW TO MAKE IT LONGER & STRONGER

Nikki Yazxhi

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing, dry, thinning or shedding hair. You have a shower and it clogs up your drain, you feel like you have to vacuum all the time and all this time you are questioning what is going on and why you are malting. Meanwhile your hair is constantly dry, it’s not sitting as it should and is thinning out for no reason.
Health influencer, Jessica Sepel explains why, and what you can do…

“While there are endless conditioners, shampoo and hair masks – that promise to make a difference – the truth is that unless you are nourished from the inside-out, maintaining growing healthy hair is going to be a challenge,” says Jessica {pictured below}.

Here are the dietary and lifestyle factors Jess says may be playing a role:

Your digestion is compromised and it is affecting absorption: Thick luscious, hair requires nutrients and minerals to ensure that it continues to grow healthily, but if you’re not absorbing the nutrients then it is very likely that your hair will suffer as a result.

Try following a diet of wholefoods. Reduce refined sugar, gluten, processed foods, alcohol and coffee. To support gut health, I recommend taking a good-quality probiotic and taking care of stress levels (see the last paragraph on stress-reducing practices.)

Eat plenty of healthy fats such as oily fish, avocado, seeds and nuts are essential for hair strength and shine. You need amino acids from protein to build strong hair cells.

A mineral deficiency may also be a reason for poor hair health. Minerals such as zinc, iodine and selenium are all great for hair growth. If you’re looking to supplement, check out my JSHealth Vitamins {more details below} for hair and energy.

You have low thyroid levels: Your thyroid takes nutrients and converts them into two key thyroid hormones, T4 and T3, which get released into the bloodstream, where they regulate your body’s metabolism. If you have low T3 levels – the active thyroid hormone – it can cause your hair to fall out. If your hair shedding is becoming an issue then I recommend getting your T3 levels checked out by a health practitioner.

You have low iron levels: There are so many symptoms of low iron, and hair loss and breakage is one of them. To maintain a healthy iron level, start by increasing your intake of iron-rich foods such as red meat (twice a week), spinach, lentils, sardines and black beans. It’s also worth investing in a good quality iron supplement under the guidance of a health practitioner.

You’re experiencing too much stress: This is the big one, and high levels of stress can compromise every so many areas of our health. If you are experiencing high stress, start by reducing high-intensity exercise, which can be taxing for the adrenals, and commit to daily stress-relieving exercises such as walking and yoga.

Also, consider shutting off all electronics, spend some time alone and get some rest. One of my favourite things to do, both before sleeping and when I am feeling stressed, is to put my legs up against the wall and rest for 10 minutes. It is very relaxing and tends to send me straight off to sleep.

about Jessica: Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, best-selling author and international health blogger. She is also the beloved voice behind JSHealth, advocating a balanced lifestyle through wholefoods. She is passionate about helping people overcome fad dieting and disordered eating, having gone through her own struggles with food. Her philosophy is focused around balance, rest and building a healthy relationship with food.

see more of Jess at www.jessicasepel.com or @jshealth


Jessica created JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula to address hair loss. It is formulated with two carefully sourced essential minerals – iodine and zinc – that are known to assist with energy production and hair strength. These two minerals may be hard to obtain from diet alone.
The kelp found in our formula contains Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllumnodosum macroalgae seaweeds that are sourced from the pristine waters of Nova Scotia and Brittany. The seaweed is hand harvested in line with itsseasonal growth cycle to ensure environmental sustainability and minimise disruption to the marine ecosystem. The kelp extracts placed in our formula are Tasmanian extracts.

For more info, visit JSHealthvitamins.com or @JSHealthvitamins




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