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8 expert tips on how to choose the fragrance for you ~ and how make it your signature scent…

1. Shop for a fragrance in the morning – this is when your sense of smell is at its keenest.

2. Define your style and preferred fragrance family, whether is be classic, modern, sports, spicy, oriental, floral, fresh, woody, fruity or marine – then ask a sales assistant to show you fragrances that fit into the family of your preference.

3. Enlist expert advice to give you direction in what has become a complicated market. A few well-asked questions can tell an expert a lot about you. Generally, an expert will want to understand what type of fragrances you like (fresh, oriental, flowery) and how you use them (daily or in the evening). They can then help you find the perfect fragrance.

4. Try the fragrance directly on your skin. You may smell something on a friend, but you won’t know if you truly like it for yourself until you and wear it. Likewise with acid-free blotter cards, they’re fine as reference tools but scents need to develop uniquely with your individual chemistry.

5. Try three scents at the most, in parfum form wherever possible. Any more will overtax your sense of smell.

6. Always test the fragrance on pulse points, such as on the wrist and allow the fragrance to develop on your skin for at least half an hour.”

7. Remember that changes in diet or the use of medication may alter the way a fragrance develops on your skin. If you love a fragrance but it’s too overwhelming, you may need to consider using a different strength, like a body lotion or try layering the product.

8. Ask for samples, then test them at home over a couple of days. Once you have tried something that really appeals to you, and it lasts well, you’ll know that it’s the fragrance for you.

{Pic: Zimmermann}




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