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how to rise & {really} shine – READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO TO BED

Nikki Yazxhi

The secret to starting the day on a high is to meditate before you even get out of bed…

Before you roll your eyes, remember that meditation doesn’t have to be a lengthy, drawn-out process to be effective, say the experts. Meditating and setting your intention for your day, while you’re still in bed, helps you connect your mind and body, allowing you to reset and reboot your central nervous system.

how-to-do: Upon opening your eyes in the morning, instead of racing to put on the coffee, take a brief pause. Do some gentle breathing, breathing in for four counts in and breathing out for eight counts, taking in the ‘good’ and letting out ‘negative’ feelings. Visualise what you’d like to happen, or get out of your day, while blocking out anything negative.

{Pic: Free People}


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