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health insider: your perfect excuse not to make the bed – woot!

Nikki Yazxhi



yep, no more nagging the kids to make the bed – and you can leave the house guilt-free with beds unmade, because, hello, it’s the healthy choice – true story!

I’m one of those people that can’t leave the house until the beds are made, it makes me feel like everything is in order BUT I do always pull the sheets back, when everyone gets out of bed, to let the beds ‘air’! It’s something my Auntie taught us to do, and now it make total ‘scientific’ sense.

According to the latest reports: if you make your bed in the morning, that means you’re telling yourself that you won’t be getting back into it for the rest of the day, and you just don’t need to place those boundaries on yourself.

And more importantly, {and my Auntie was onto something}, making your bed every morning may be bad for your health. The reason is dust mites; they don’t just look nasty, they are nasty.

In the average bed there’s as many as 1.5 million microscopic mites crawling around and feasting off the skin cells you shed while you sleep. Dis-gusting!


In the morning, if you make your bed immediately, all of the skin cells, sweat, mites and their droppings – which can cause asthma and allergies – will be trapped underneath.

If you leave you bed unmade, the mites, dead skin, the sweat, all of it, will be exposed to fresh air and light.

So, if you have to make your bed it is better to wait until the evening. By that point your bed is much less appealing to dust mites and they will have died from dehydration or just lost interest.

To mitigate allergies you should also wash your sheets every one-to-two weeks, use a damp mop or rag to remove dust and encase your mattress and pillows in dust-proof or allergen impermeable covers.

There you have it, no more guilt when you leave the house and the beds aren’t made!

{Source: Domain / Pic: In Bed}

Do you always make the beds?


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