life lessons:


Here’s how to change negative behaviour that drains…

are you a serial pleaser
profile: You’re always doing things for others and not getting much in return. You may feel a bit over extended or always disappointed.
pattern breaker: Stop looking to others for approval. Add your name to the top of your own care-for list (this will help you give more genuinely to others too!).

are you a bonder
profile: Loyalty is making you cling to a relationship you have outgrown. You may feel the split would make you lose out on something.
pattern breakout: Think positive thoughts such as: “I’m glad I did it this way.” It will help lesson guilt about moving away from someone who’s insecure.

are you a care seeker
profile: You air-kiss your friend but you really know she’s not treating you right. Fear of change may be preventing you from setting her straight.
pattern breaker: Think back to the times you felt powerless. If this relationships makes you feel this way, recognise the emotion and try to stand your ground.

{Pic: J.Crew}