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car confessions: AMEE FROM LOVE RAW TREATS


INTRODUCING OUR VERY FIRST ‘CAR CONFESSIONS’ POST, where our fave inspirational people share their advice

our first ‘confession’ is from Amee our health + healing contributor who shares what she would tell her younger self

It’s amazing just how easy it is to ‘unload’ and chat in the surrounds of your car. {This is especially true with kids, you’ll find out more about them from chats in the car, then face to face.} So using this logic, we’re asking our fave inspirational people to confess {and video} something ‘inspiring’ in their car that they can share with us. #carconfessions.

Our very-first ‘fave’ is gorgeous Amee from Love Raw Treats who confesses what advice she’d give to her four-year-old self… thanks for sharing Amee, we love your video #cute x x x


“I would also tell a younger me… that you need to deal with your past in order to move forward. If you push unresolved matters down too deep they ferment in your system, and it gets overloaded, so there’s no room left to grow and be your to best!” – Amee



For more information, contact Amee on amee@loverawtreats.com.au
or visit:

+ STAY TUNED for Amee’s ‘health + healing’ contributor posts, where she answers your questions – you can email what you’d like to ask Amee here


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