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health + healing contributor: AMEE SPRINGALL



we love her so much, and are so excited that she’s coming onboard as our
health + healing contributor

Rewind back to 2014 and Amee was hiding in her pantry cupboard at home, eating dairy milk chocolate and desperately trying to get through the day.

She’d had a series of miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy and a failed IVF cycle. Parasites were thriving in her gut and her anxiety was so bad she could barely hold a conversation. “Even the simple act of walking was hard for me. I was turning to high-sugar foods to keep me going but, of course, they weren’t helping. I went to the doctors again and again, trying to understand what was wrong with me, but there seemed to be no clear solution,” she explains.

“I had a little boy who needed his mum, a husband who needed his wife but I couldn’t help anyone, let alone myself. All I knew was that something had to change.”

amee patrice

Thankfully, at a Theta Healing Course, something did change. She met Patrice Corrie {pictured with her above}, who has become Amee’s friend, and who shifted the course of Amee’s life. Through Patrice, Amee addressed her gluten and dairy intolerances and met some amazing holistic doctors including Ameeta Gajjar, Alison Parsons and Sara Winchester. Surrounded by these women she started to heal herself.

“I still wanted to treat myself every now and then so I started playing around with making raw treats that were dairy, gluten and sugar-free; delicious snacks I could eat while still looking after myself.”

One of the major steps she took on her healing journey was to clean the parasites out of her gut, and for that she had to go sugar free. She says she hasn’t  looked back, “Saying goodbye to dairy, gluten and refined sugars has been one of the best decisions of my life. I feel so good and clear in the head now it is almost hard to imagine how foggy and lost I felt before.”


“Before I started to heal, I couldn’t wait to get into bed at night, to shut everything out and retreat from the world. I’d wake up in the mornings, curled in the fetal position, full of dread about the day ahead. Being awake in the day was a stress – I was surviving, not living. Now I go to bed excited about tomorrow. Even waking up feels exciting. There is lightness in my life, a joy that wasn’t there and the change in my diet has contributed enormously to this.”

She still wanted to treat herself every now and then, and started playing around with making raw treats that were dairy, gluten and sugar-free; delicious snacks she could eat while still looking after herself. “And wow, who knew – I certainly didn’t – how much I would LOVE creating and making raw treats like peanut snickers and hazelnut cocoa fudge biscuits. They tasted amazing and were good for me.”


A friend suggested Amee start making raw treats for her theta wellbeing course student, and she then she started supplying her raw treats to a couple of cafes, and all of a sudden Love Raw Treats was born.

Now she sell her treats at The Beaches Markets in Warriewood, through her online store and for private orders and events.

All her treats {pictured below} are made with love, using the finest ingredients – mostly organic – hamdmade by Amee.

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We asked Amee the bM questions to find out a little more about her:

You, in three words? Fun loving passionate

What inspires you? Helping people reach there unlimited potential

What’s your work title? Boss Lady {haha}!

What was your first ever job? Baby sitter

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? Dancer and a famous netball player {hahahaha}!

Explain your usual day? I start the day with water, vitamins and minerals, and  5 minute meditation to set my intentions for the day. I do a few stretches then make my son, Zane’s lunch. Drop Zane off at school and then head to Love Raw Treats make a smoothie before I start creating the best raw treats on the beaches.

What ‘makes your day’? Laughing and dancing with my sister Rochelle and my worker girls in the kitchen; eating raw treats; cauliflower dip from Rough and Bare in Mona Vale; chatting to my best girl Patrice; and picking up Zane from school.


4 things in your life you can’t live without? My family, my mum, Raw Treats and Smudge Stick.

4 fave songs on your iPod? Florence And The Machine – You’ve Got The Love; Chet Baker – Talk Is Cheap; M83 – Midnight City; and My Head Is A Jungle – Wankelmut

Fave place to escape to? Pacific Palms

How do you relax? Exercise, healing with Patrice, listening to music breathing; and seeing my kinesiologists Sarah or Steven at Oasis in Mona Vale.

Best piece of life advice you have received? Emotional wounds are your greatest gifts, take the positives from the negatives. Time is precious choose wisely who you spend it with, and be around people that inspire you and lift you up.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Travelling the world First Class {hahaha}; creating more Raw Treats; doing a recipe book; educating people on how to be at there absolute best; and owning a holiday house in Byron Hinterlands.



STAY TUNED for Amee’s posts, she’s also going to be answering your questions, but until then you can connect below!} 


For more information, contact Amee on amee@loverawtreats.com.au
or visit:


{Pics: Luisa Brimble}


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