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#beautyinsider: eyebrow TRICKS-OF-THE-TRADE




here are the pain-free way to make yours work for you…

1. The classic pencil trick is the best way to find your perfect brow shape. It’s easy: hold a pencil vertically against your nose and pluck stray hair to the right of it. Switch the pencil to the other side of your nose and repeat.

2. To get your best arch, hold your pencil again, but now angle it diagonally over the centre of your iris. Your ideal brow high point is where the pencil hits the brow. Tweeze just three or four hairs from underneath to enhance the arch.

3. For the right length, place a pencil diagonally from the base of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil and brow bone meet is where your brow should end.

THE FINE LINE: Standing too close to the mirror can lead to over-plucking (which can make eyes look ‘bulgy), so remember to take a step back to check the shape and make sure both eyebrows are even.

ARCH ENEMIES: If your brows are one width the whole way across, your nose will appear wider; and if you take too much off the ends, your eyes will appear smaller and too close together.

PAIN RELIEF: Apply Bonjela (toothache gel) a few minutes before you start tweezing to numb the area, and pluck in the direction that the hair grows, it’s easier and less painful. Always place the tweezers underneath the hair before pulling to ensure you get the whole hair. To help ease any swelling afterwards, rub ice over the area for a few seconds – any longer and the area will become more sensitive from the cold.

MAKING UP: To define your eyebrows, take a sharpened eyebrow pencil (in a shade lighter than your brow colour – it’s much more flattering) and draw in any open spaces with short, irregular strokes.

TRADE TRICK: If you think your brows are too close to your eyes, bleaching them can ‘open up’ your whole face. Buy a hair cream bleach from the chemist and apply to brows for three minutes, then wash off immediately using soap and water. Be careful of any product running into your eyes. Once clean, apply a little Vaseline to stop the bleaching effect.

{Pic: Pinterest}


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