10 need-to-know insider MAKE-UP TRICKS for 2017



{while working on beauty shoots with make-up artists}, that all make a huge impact…
hope they work for you too!

1. EYE OPENER TRICK: Try burgundy mascara – it’s much softer than black and much more surprising than brown – and it really brings out the colour of blue and green eyes.

2. SLICK LASHES TRICK: Use a dab of Vaseline instead of mascara – rubbed on lashes, it makes them look wet, slightly darker, and shiny. Rub a little on the eyebrows to shine them up too.

3. SEXY SHIMMER TRICK: Brush a pale, shimmery shadow on the lower inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your whole face.

4. LASH TRICK: If don’t have an eyelash curler handy, press your lashes upward against the round side of a spoon to give them shape.

5. LIPSTICK TRICK: To keep dark lipstick from getting on your teeth, after applying, put your finger in your mouth then carefully drag it out to remove the colour on the inside of your lips. It’s a trick from the 50’s.

6. MAKE-UP TRICK: Do your makeup under a light source closest to the one you’ll be spending time in. That usually means applying it in natural light, but if you’re going out in the evening, use a softer light.

7. CONCEALER TRICK: Dot on peach-tone concealer after you’ve applied the rest of your make-up. It acts like an eraser, getting rid of any under-eye tones.

8. MAKE-UP CORRECTOR TRICK: To unmake an overly madeup face, soak a washcloth in warm water, wring it out so it’s barely wet, and gently press it to the skin – it definitely takes the edge off.

9. BALANCING TRICK: After applying make-up, turn away from the mirror and then turn back and remove the first thing that catches your eye – heavy eyeliner, lipstick, anything that makes your face look off balance

10. BLUSH TRICK: Smeared your cream blush on with your thumb. It gives skin a texture no brush does, and the body heat makes makeup easier to stick on.

{Pic: Byrdie}